Hicks & Lawrence Ltd. announces the rebranding of its fire services business and the integration of Hawkeye Infrared Services

London ON, July 13, 2011 – Hicks & Lawrence Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Discovery Air Inc., is pleased to announce the rebranding of its airborne fire management business as Discovery Air Fire Services (DAFS). DAFS is also pleased to announce the integration of Hawkeye Infrared Services assets into its suite of specialized fire management services.

“Our rebranding of DAFS reflects the fact that we are able to deliver a full range of airborne fire management solutions to customers,” commented Dave Jennings, President and CEO of Discovery Air Inc. “Our Hicks & Lawrence subsidiary has been a prime supplier of fixed wing services to the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (OMNR) for many years, and expanding that relationship to include a rotary wing contract with Superior Helicopters illustrates the value of a diversified capability base to meet the needs of our fire services clients. DAFS will now provide airborne detection, bird-dog and suppression transport services, and enhanced detection capabilities.”

“We are very pleased to integrate the assets and contract of Hawkeye Infrared Services into our company,” commented Mark Hill, President and CEO of DAFS. “They will enable DAFS to provide a suite of specialized infrared services, ranging from high level aerial platforms to low level aerial infrared services, which is Hawkeye’s area of expertise. Hawkeye’s long-standing reputation of providing valued and economical services for the OMNR will enhance our range of services and help DAFS expand its client base.”

Hawkeye Infrared Services is a low level aerial infrared services company that has been operating under a contract with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources for the last 9 years. Having provided over 2,200 hours of reliable professional infrared services on numerous wildfires across Northern Ontario, the technicians operate infrared cameras at treetop level from helicopters to locate hidden hotspots. GPS locations of these hot spots are passed along to wildfire Incident Commanders for assignment to Ground Fire Crews. This reduces the number of days that fire suppression resources are needed on any given fire and significantly reduces costs to the fire agency. 


Founded in 2004, Discovery Air Inc. is a specialty aviation services company operating across Canada and in select locations internationally. With over 130 aircraft, it is one of the largest air operators in Canada, employing more than 600 flight crew, maintainers and support staff to deliver a variety of air transport, maintenance and logistics solutions to its government, airline and business customers. The Corporation's subsidiaries include Top Aces, which delivers airborne training and special mission services to the Canadian military; Discovery Air Fire Services, a supplier of airborne fire management services to the Ontario government and charter services to government agencies and corporate customers; Discovery Air Technical Services, which provides a range of maintenance, repair, overhaul, modification, engineering and certification services; Great Slave Helicopters, the second-largest VFR helicopter operator in the country; Air Tindi, the largest fixed-wing aircraft charter provider based in Northern Canada; Discovery Mining Services, which supplies all-weather exploration camps as well as expediting and logistics support services; and Discovery Air Innovations, the innovation arm of Discovery Air that identifies and captures large, new market opportunities.


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